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Get the high-quality hospice care you need!

It’s critical to get the best hospice care for your comfort and well-being. With us, skilled and committed staff will ensure that you have all of the resources and assistance you require to overcome your life-threatening illness. Leave your care in our hands. Our hospice team provides emotional support and other care services. We monitor pain and manage the symptoms of our patients. Leave your care in our hands.

We provide the following services:

We also provide the following:

Respite Care
We provide a 5-day “respite” for the patient’s primary caregiver by admitting the home care patient to a skilled nursing facility and then moving them back home after respite is complete.
At Sea Coast Hospice, our nurses are just a call away 24/7/365. Our staff will also come to the home at any time that is necessary to respond to crises related to the illness.
We provide effective professional support to meet the needs of family members and friends after their loved one has passed away, helping them to get through the experience of loss and bereavement.
Medication, Equipment, and Supplies
We cover all medications, medical equipment, and supplies (related to the admission diagnosis) required for comfort and safety to treat the patient’s life-limiting illness. We also have 24/7 deliveries for medication, equipment, and supplies.

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